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Massage & Reflexology

Massage & Reflexology


Each session is specifically tailored to you so relax and forget the world for a bit while we get rid of those nasty knots.

Aroma Blend

This is relaxing top-to-toe massage, formulated with a dreamy blend of essential oils and guaranteed to have you drifting away. Aroma Blend is a tailor-made massage which recharges your body and helps rebalance your emotions, it is also wonderful for your skin! This highly effective massage is customised to you and your bodies refining and firming needs, your therapist will blend a fusion of essential oils and plant oils to concentrate on what you would like to achieve and how you would like to feel.

60 mins     £60

Deep Tissue Back & Neck

Deep tissue massage leaves your mind feeling less cluttered and your muscles intensely relaxed. This massage alleviates stress deep down and releases the discomfort of aching muscles. Decléor essential Oil Balms are used, because they are 100% natural and they actively work with your body to release localised areas of intense tension. This tailor-made massage involves powerful, deep and strongly rhythmic movements which make it pure therapy for body and soul.

Back & Neck  30 mins     £33

Full Body

This is a tailor-made massage which recharges your body and helps rebalance your emotions. It is also wonderful for your skin!

Full Body   60 mins     £66

Leg & Foot

Ease your aching legs and feet and treat yourself to a relaxing massage.

Leg & Foot   30 mins     £33


When feeling stressed, tension builds up causing energy blockages, which leads to fatigue and disrupted sleep cycles and also mental instability. Reflexology helps to improve your general wellbeing by balancing the body’s own energy, aiding your body to heal itself.

The treatment involves applying pressure to the fee; mainly the soles. The pressure is applied to specific areas relating to the body’s systems.  It can be used to address specific issues or more to promote vitality.  It can enable you to take control of your health without side effects, but please note it is not a substitute for medical treatments.

Reflexology helps to

  • enable you to achieve deep relaxation
  • boost your body immune system
  • stimulates circulation
  • remove toxins
  • stabilize breathing
  • boosts energy levels
  • induce calmness in the mind and body

It is generally recommended that you should have a course of treatments to get the best effect, ideally once a week for six sessions.

Your first session will take an hour as your therapist will need to do a full consultation

60 mins  £55.00

Subsequent visits will be shorter and if you purchase a course of six sessions, you will receive the 6th session free

45 mins  £48.00

6 sessions £247.00  saving £48.00

“Lovely salon. People are friendly. Very calm.”

Massage & Reflexology