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Project Description

Hair Colouring & Conditioning 

Colouring & Conditioning 



Inspired colour that says something about you and there are so many fantastic options to choose from. Your visit starts with a consultation during which we considers your lifestyle, skin tone, hair type, personal style, budget and haircut so that the best results can be achieved for you.


One colour, all over the hair. This is great if you’ve been using box colour for years or simply want a glossy colour to cover greys. This gives us a perfect base to work from in the future.


Working with your own hair colour in deep triangle sections, hand-painting colour in a non-systematic approach. Balayage gives a beautifully natural result.


This is when your hair gradually blends from one colour at the top to another towards the bottom. It comes from the French word that means “shadow” or “shade” and is one of the most popular ways to colour your hair right now.


This special Henna treatment for your hair uses only natural vegan products. Why not try something new and innovative? The colours are mixed from three Intermix Tubes to create an entirely unique look for each head.


You may have colour on your mid-lengths and ends that you’re happy with, but you’re not happy with the re-growth colour, or want the top of your hair to be darker to allow for longer periods between hairdresser visits. We seamlessly blend your colour at the top with existing colour.


The most subtle way of adding colour to hair, just splashes of colour showing here and there so hair isn’t obviously coloured.


Sometimes you want your root colour to be slightly darker or greys covered, and then fresh balayage below. This gives a stunning natural effect as all the colours melt beautifully into one another.


Systematically woven in sections, it’s possible to weave multiple colours together to get a beautiful mix of colours.

All full hair treatments will need a skin test 24 hours before

Balayage/Ombre  stylist from £85, senior stylist from     £100
Henna stylist  from £60,  senior stylist  from     £65
Highlights/Lowlights – Full Head stylist from £73.50, senior stylist from     £87
Highlights/Lowlights – Half Head  stylist from £53,  senior stylist from     £64
T Bar highlights – stylist from £35, senior stylist from £40
Permanent Colour – Full Head  stylist from £61, senior stylist from £64
Permanent Colour – Roots  stylist from £50, senior stylist from £64
Semi-Permanent Colour stylist from  £31,  senior stylist from     £42
Toner £21

Please ask for our full range of colour service


Including a conditioning treatment is well worth investing in to keep the condition of the colouring or smoothing.

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment from     £16
Kereatase Chronologiste Ritual from    £23
Kerestase Colour Revive Ritual from     £17
L’Oreal Pro Fiber from    £23
L’Oreal Serie Expert from     £12
Olaplex  Intensive Repair Treatment Special September offer from   £15


Modern perm is not restricted to the extra voluminous frizzy hair of the past. Now you can vary the size and tightness of your curls to create a unique personalized hairstyle.

Body Perm from     £77
Soft Perm from     £61

“So pleased to be back at RJ’s and love my new colour, all the safety measures being in place made my time with you very relaxing. Thank you so much’ ”

“Great cut and colour today with Jo, she truly knows what she’s doing. Always awesome results. I really wouldn’t go anywhere else in Brighton.”

Colouring, Conditioning & Smoothing

Colouring, Conditioning & Smooting