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Nail Salon Services

At RJ’s Hair and Nail Salon, we offer a wide array of nail services, including both manicures and pedicures. Some of our most popular services are as follows:

At RJ’s Hair and Nail Salon, we are committed to delivering you the best possible service. We achieve this by only employing nail technicians that are fully trained and highly experienced, so you receive only the finest treatments.

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extended wear

Extended Wear Nails

Our extended wear nail polish gives you a vivid, shiny finish and is gentle to your nails. The polish does not fade as easily as standard nail polish, so the manicure will last up to four weeks without any unsightly cracking, peeling or chipping.



If you want flawless nails that are reminiscent of movie stars and supermodels, then our acrylic nail services will be ideal for you. When you rely on us to give you acrylic nails, you can expect nails that are easy to care for, attractive and extremely comfortable.

artificial nail

Artificial Nail & Shellac Polish Removal

Artificial nail removal is one of our salon’s areas of expertise. We can remove your artificial nails without leaving behind any residue. Whether you have press-on, gel nails or acrylic nails, we can help you.

If you are looking for the best nail salon in Brighton to help you achieve your perfect manicure or pedicure, please call 01273 202564 to book your appointment today.