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5 Great tips for frizz free hair

As much as we love winter weather, it tends to play havoc with your hair thanks to the wind and the rain. Here are a few tips to get things under control!

Tip 1 – Stop shampooing daily. Every time you wash your hair, you strip away natural oils that can help tame frizz and prevent tangles. Try shampooing every other day and let those natural oils calm your hair. If your scalp feels oily after one day, opt for a dry shampoo such as KMS Makeover Spray.

Tip 2 – Condition, condition, condition for moisture & shine try KMS Moist Repair Range.

Tip 3 – If you need to dry your hair after you shower and you don’t want to use a hairdryer, which can also cause frizzy ends, then gently pat dry don’t rub. Alternatively use paper towels to dry your hair after a shower. Little pieces of lint on a towel tend to aggravate the outer cuticle of our hair, but removing excess moisture with a lint-free alternative does wonders for preventing fly-aways!.

Tip 4 – Exposure to extreme heat-from curling, flat ironing, or blow-drying-can damage yourhair, causing it to look frizzy and distressed. However, you can still style your hair any way you want as long as you’re smart about it. Try a heat protectant to prevent damage, breakage, and fly-aways that appear extra visible in humidity we recommend KMS Hot Flex Spray.

Tip 5 – Split ends can also contribute to a frizzy look, so be sure to visit the salon every two months for a trim. Don’t be afraid to treat split ends at home in between hair appointments; use thinning shears to prevent choppy cuts. You can reduce the amount of split ends you get by using a wide tooth comb in the shower after you condition-this untangles knots and lessens breakage.

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