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Growing old beautifully

We asked out expert stylists to address some of the most common “Older” hair dilemmas.

How can I expect the condition of my hair to change?

Over time as your hair starts to get older and the grey starts to creep in, you will find that the texture will start to feel much more coarse. This isn’t necessarily down to your hair being dry – this is the change in structure once your hair has started to turn grey.

What treatments are best for “older” hair?

The best treatments for older hair are those that offer structural support such as L’Oreal Elvive. These products make the hair stronger, shiner and protected it from further damage.

How can I keep my hair feeling and looking soft?

Grey hair has a different texture and you can use a number of products from the smoothing range to help it feel soft like L’Oreal Smartbond.

Can I keep my hair colour very dark as I get older, or should I be going lighter with the advancing years?

Absolutely you can, just create a multi-tonal effect. Creating high tones and low tones will give the overall effect a more natural, contemporary and professional result. Hair health also reflects inner health, so to look youthful, look after your body as well as your locks.

How do I find a style that is fresh and sexy, yet right for my age?

It’s great to see shorter, more funky crops on “older” hair as it still looks young and fun. Just because your hair is ageing doesn’t mean that you have got to buy rollers and a net. Your stylist will help you choose a style to suit your lifestyle and personality, so go for it and be glamorous.